Wolverine Custom Concepts


Rockwell / NASA

International Space Station - Conceptual Design Manager

As project manager for conceptual design, I managed the development of interiors of the Rockwell Manned systems space station for NASA, organized extensive interface with physiologist for personal hygiene equipment development and intervention. I designed, constructed, and tested mock-ups for vehicle and base concepts for interplanetary mission projects. I received four patents, two medical and two mechanical, for my work on the International Space Station and other Rockwell projects, including the Lunar Mars program. 

Walt Disney Productions

World Showcase Vehicles

In the creation of the Epcot Center, I managed and oversaw the conceptual designs, mechanical drawings and creation of 3-dimensional vehicles. I also manufactured end products and worked in conjunction with various labor and model shops and coordinated multiple departments to insure on time and within budget guidelines were met.

These vehicles were used in the World Showcase, providing transportation for viewers to see each of the different countries exhibited. The vehicles were designed to replace the New York 5th Ave bus and the English double decker version. They are 7/8 scale, made of aluminum and electric powered.

Walt Disney Productions

Epcot Center Pavilion for the Universe of Energy

Six of these energy vehicles were used simultaneously in the pavilion. The vehicles carried 100 passengers each, entering through sixteen sliding doors in the body. Each vehicle was electric battery powered and charged by solar energy through inductive coupling on the underside of the vehicle. Wheelchair door ramps at rear right and left provided chair-height viewing.

Walt Disney Productions

Houston International Airport WEDway

I managed and directed the development and design from concept through production of the Houston International Airport WEDway (Walter E. Disney) People Mover for the Walt Disney Company. The WEDway is a Linear Induction Powered train (L.I.P.T.) to move passenger efficiently around the airport. I received a special award from the Department of Transportation for this design, and this ride system is currently still in operation today.

McKee Engineering

Vehicle Design and Engineering

In my 8 years with McKee Engineering, I designed specialty race cars and prototype electric vehicles to include the Guanci sports car for limited production. Cars were specifically designed and built for the CAN AM series and Formula 5000. Focus on ergonomic and aerodynamic for proper design requirements resulting in an increase of measurable performance. Other vehicles I personally designed were the Schkee CAN-AM and the ARMCO CAN-AM original race cars. I constructed prototypes and concept design of electric vehicles for Johnson Controls, Exide Battery Co. and Gould Electronics. Four patents were awarded for these designs. 

Specialized Vehicle Systems

Team Manager, SVS Indy Car Team

I served as team manager of SVS Indy car team for 7 years. In this position I was responsible for all aspects of vehicle development; including the coordination of scheduled maintenance, running crews to meet specific track and run times, and marketing the team to potential sponsors. I also supported logistics operations in the transportation of men, material and equipment to meet owner’s required schedule. As manager of vehicle development, I spearheaded the process through track testing and aerodynamic refinement of body configuration.

MW Design

Industrial Design Consultant

While working for many companies I also ran my own industrial design consulting services. Through various contracts I created conceptual designs, 3-dimensional drawings, and prototypes to include finished products. I created injection molded designs, color and paint schemes, ergonomic design, and exhibits and displays for clients promoting their products. Among other projects,  I also worked with Product Planning for developing and marketing strategies, as well as designed TV sets for Sears & Kmart.


I also designed the “Wave,” a tilting mechanism that sat in a rocking base with a rectangular clear plastic form cradled in the base. The rectangular form was filled with alcohol and an unlike blue material that, when rocked from side to side, created in rolling effect that appeared to be a wave. It was interesting and entertaining.

The hydro-electric powered vehicle has cast aluminum wheel disks, which are molded with horizontal design containers that continue the horizontal body lines. The wheel is mounted on a roller-bearing axle and weighted at its bottom edge so the wheel will stay stationary when the vehicle moves forward. This give the appearance of silently gliding along without any visible rotating mass.