Wolverine Custom Concepts

Wolverine Concept

A New Automotive Concept

Color Rendering of the Wolverine Autocyle

Color Rendering of the Wolverine Autocyle

The Wolverine is an ultra-light vehicle construction. It is designed and built to provide a low-cost form of agile, fun, and economical transportation. Top speed will be approximately 120 mph. It is different because it combines automotive and motorcycle technologies. Simplification of construction and fewer number of basic components will be utilized. Very unique styling incorporating a 3-wheeled chassis and body configuration, with horizontal rearward sliding doors will certainly set the vehicle off from the norm. The new design form will be called an Autocycle and will include lower cost licensing with its lighter weight.

Basic construction will be of welded formed steel with a built-in roll bar. Body materilas will be made with fiberglass and Lexan. High quality, low rolling resistance tires will be used to provide for higher gas milage. The engine and 6-speed automatic transmission, plus other components, are supplied from Ford Fusion as a prime vendor. Displacement is 2 liters with an aluminum 4 cylinder turbo charged engine, a fully independent rear suspension for superior handling, included is a storage area provided behind the seats and a twelve gallon tank.

Wolverine Autocycle Rendering

Concept: The basic vehicle will be constructed with provision to adapt to either enclosure or an open convertible for riding in the wind.

Interior: Leatherette seating is provided for two side-by-side passengers.

Color: Basic color will be molded into the body panels and then clear-coated providing a nice, lasting sheen.

The Production Process

The purchase of prototype parts must be at the best prices available. After prototype construction is completed, extensive testing will begin. Actual costs can now be developed for wholesale and retail pricing. The number of vehicles to be built, approximately six, will be at first limited, until full production gets underway. At this point an actual estimate of the number of vehicles we can potentially construct will be made.

Actual full production will be achieved once various grants are acquired. Grants, sponsors, or other outside sources will be required in order to purchase wholesale large quantity parts, for the planned set up and size determination of the facility. Future new vehicles will be developed concurrently with the engine-powered model. An electric version will be built using the Tesla lithium-ion battery and electric drive system. A new name for the vehicle may be in use at this time.

This vehicle’s design is to be primarily manufactured in Carson City, Nevada, which would provide uniqueness, employment and prestige to our community.

Next Steps...

Additional photographic information of the Autocycle can be provided at your request. Photos are available of the initial prototype vehicle.

Construction has begun on an initial prototype unit. To learn more about the production process, and how to become involved, contact Mike Williams at wolverinedesign@yahoo.com or 775.884.1342.